3 Days and 2 Nights Tour in Cebu

3 Days and 2 Nights Tour Itinerary for Cebu


Going to Cebu for a few days? We’ve got the perfect list of activities set up for you and your friends or family. Here’s what the itinerary would look like:


3 days and 2 nights cebu itinerary


We start off at the Airport where we will pick you up to get your trip going. We can do a stopover along the way if you want to eat some breakfast first.


What you will be visiting:

Fort San Pedro - The ruins of what has previously served as a base for the Spanish forces in Cebu. It still retains it’s form and old cannons can be seen atop the fort.

Sto. Niño Church - It is the first Church ever built in the Philippines. The Santo Niño or child Jesus is worshipped here. Many devotees can be seen each day offering candles and prayers.

Magellan's Cross - A highly revered religious relic in Cebu. The cross is said to house the original one that was planted by Ferdinand Magellan on 1521. The wooden housing was needed because the locals kept chipping away at the old cross believing that it contained miraculous powers.

Heritage of Cebu - A monument made of brass depicting the history of the City spanning 500 years.

Taoist Temple - A temple built in 1972 by the Chinese residents of Cebu. Located up the hill in Cebu City, the temple features architectural details similar to the ones found in China. In here you can feel a peaceful ambience away from the hustle and bustle of the City.

Temple of Leah - A shrine built by Teodorico Adarna, a businessman in Cebu, as a symbol of his love and devotion for his deceased wife - Leah Adarna. The centerpiece of the temple is a 9-foot bronze statue of Leah.

Sirao Flower Farm - A picturesque farm filled with flowers. This place is best visited during the peak season on April-May and October-November when flowers are at their full bloom.

Afterwards, we will drop you off in your Oslob hotel so that you can get some rest and be ready for the next day’s activities.


Map of Cebu tourist  spots and Attractions


4 days and 3 nights in Cebu itinerary

What you will be visiting:


Oslob Heritage Park - A place where structures built during Spanish Colonial times can be found. That includes the Immaculate Conception Church, Cuartel Ruins and a Watchtower.

Whale Sharks - Swim with the world famous Whale Sharks found in Oslob.

Aguinid Falls - A multi-level waterfall that you’re able to climb. You’ll combine rock climbing and swimming in this part of the trip.

Kawasan Falls - Features multiple tall waterfalls that lead up to a wide and deep pool of water where you can swim your heart out.

You can then spend the night in a nearby hotel. We recommend an accommodation in Alegria.


2 Days in Cebu Itinerary


What you will be doing:

Turtle Watching - In the coral reefs surrounding Moalboal live some Sea Turtles. They love to come out and feed specially during the low tide.

Pescador Island - A small island off the coast of Cebu. This island features a healthy variety of corals as well as colorful fishes swimming in the area.

Sardines Watching - You’ll see literally thousands of Sardines that swim with synchronicity with each other.

Buy Pasalubong - Complete your trip buy bringing along delicacies for your loved ones. Cebu offers a variety of food and handmade products that you can bring along as you go to your next destination.

Afterwards, we can drop you off at your hotel in the City or at the Airport.

Map of places to visit in Cebu


Other activities and places to visit:

Canyoneering - This a popular activity wherein you’ll be traversing the rivers that leads up to Kawasan Falls.

The high jumps from the cliffs can be very exciting. You will also get to relax as you float along the river.

Sumilon Island - A beautiful island just 15 minutes from the Whale Watching area of Oslob. In here you can find a marine sanctuary with well-preserved corals. During the low tide, a picturesque sandbar will also appear along the island.

Mactan Island Tour & 10,000 Roses - Neighboring Mactan Island has a few spots that’s worth a visit such as the Guitar Factory, Mactan Shrine and the very famous 10,000 Roses.

Island Hopping around Mactan - There are tiny islands near Mactan Island that each have unique features. One has a lot of colorful fishes swimming near it, another has a very white sandbar and some have the more prevalent fauna found in the shores of Cebu.

Bohol - One of the top Island destinations of the Philippines. It is only 2 hours away from Cebu via ferry. This Island is a can’t-miss paradise that you should allot some time to visit.


If you need to adjust the itinerary or want something to fit your budget, feel free to contact us so that we can set up the tour based on your preferences. We can also book your accommodation. We also offer standalone tours around Cebu and Bohol.

Notes: If your hotel is outside of Cebu City, there may be an extra fee for pick up. For foreign guests, please add Php 500.00/person for swimming with Whale Sharks.

Book your tour now and we’ll help you make the most out of your time in Cebu.



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