Please keep these things in mind before swimming with the Whale Sharks:

    1. You are not allowed to touch the Whale Shark. They are considered as wild creatures so they may react violently or swim away leading to a shorter interaction.
    2. No flash photography. Flash is highly prohibited because Whale Sharks are highly sensitive to light.
    3. Wearing of life jacket is mandatory, but to those who will swim, you can take off your life jacket and leave it on the boat. 
    4. From the boat going down to the water, just enter slowly. Don’t jump and refrain from heavy splashing when swimming. 
    5. Please observe the 4 meter distance away from the Whale Sharks - from its mouth down to its tail. If incase the whale shark will swim towards you, all you have to do is just give them way. Don’t panic, they’re harmless.
    6. To those who will swim, you are not allowed to apply sunblock lotion or any kind of sunscreen protection because it contains chemicals that can harm the Whale Sharks. If you put on sunblock already, you need to take a shower before going into the sea.
    7. Violation of the rule is punishable either by fine of Php 2,500.00 or 4-6 months imprisonment. 
    8. Interaction period is 30 minutes. The count will start upon reaching the interaction area.
    9. Only manual boats are allowed to enter the designated area for Whale Shark watching. Motor boats are strictly prohibited.

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