Here are some common questions you may have about the services we promote.

1. What happens after I book a tour on the site?

Please give us 24-48 hours to make the necessary arrangements for your trip. During this period, we will pre-authorize your Credit Card (if that is your chosen payment method.) After your tour is confirmed, we will charge your Credit Card with the full amount of the service or you can submit payment through your preferred payment method.

2. What payment methods do you accept?

Here are the ways in which we process payments:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card (via PayPal checkout)
  • Bank Deposit (to Unionbank)
  • Cash on Pick-up
3. The tour doesn’t meet the number of persons for our group, what shall we do?

Please send an email to sales@toursidekicks.com so that we can make further arrangements for you.

4. Do you charge extra during the holidays?

We charge 10% extra for all tours during the following dates:

  • New Year: Dec 31 and Jan 1
  • Holy Week: Maundy Thursday and Black Saturday.*
  • All Souls Day and All Saints Day: Nov 1 and 2
  • Christmas: December 24 and 25

*No tours during Good Friday.

5. How do we get to Oslob?

You can go to Oslob by Public transportation (bus) or we can pick you up from Cebu City, Mactan, or the Airport. If you choose to go by bus, just head to the South Terminal in Cebu City. You’ll find buses there that go to Oslob. Depending on the bus, the ride should cost less than Php 150.00 per person. You’ll be travelling for over 100 kms from Cebu City to Oslob so you should arrive after 3.5 hours. You can arrange a meeting place and time with your assigned guide after you select and pay for a tour package.

6. How much do you charge for Children?

Children who 2 years old and below are free of charge. For a 3-5 year old, we give a Php 200.00 discount. Children above 5 years old are counted as an Adult. Please contact us if you have Children in your group so that we can update the price of your tour accordingly.

7. Can we rent underwater cameras?

For Whale Shark watching in Tan-awan, Oslob, underwater cameras can be rented out for Php 500.00 per viewing session. You can also rent a Locker for your belongings and that will cost Php 100.00.

8. What are the guidelines in swimming with the Whale Sharks?

Please keep these things in mind before swimming with the Whale Sharks:

  1. You are not allowed to touch the Whale Shark. They are considered as wild creatures so they may react violently or swim away leading to a shorter interaction.
  2. No flash photography. Flash is highly prohibited because Whale Sharks are highly sensitive to light.
  3. Wearing of life jacket is mandatory, but to those who will swim, you can take off your life jacket and leave it on the boat.
  4. From the boat going down to the water, just enter slowly. Don’t jump and refrain from heavy splashing when swimming.
  5. Please observe the 4 meter distance away from the Whale Sharks - from its mouth down to its tail. If incase the whale shark will swim towards you, all you have to do is just give them way. Don’t panic, they’re harmless.
  6. To those who will swim, you are not allowed to apply sunblock lotion or any kind of sunscreen protection because it contains chemicals that can harm the Whale Sharks. If you put on sunblock already, you need to take a shower before going into the sea.
  7. Violation of the rule is punishable either by fine of Php 2,500.00 or 4-6 months imprisonment. Interaction period is 30 minutes. The count will start upon reaching the interaction area.
  8. Only manual boats are allowed to enter the designated area for Whale Shark watching. Motor boats are strictly prohibited.
9. Is the presence of Whale Sharks guaranteed?

The Whale Shark watching season is all year long but their presence during the tour is not guaranteed. There is a chance that they may not appear due to their unpredictable nature, the inclement weather or other environmental factors that are beyond our control. If they don't show up during the day you went to the site, we will only charge you for the transportation cost. However, based on our experience, there is almost a 100% chance of seeing them.